News ASUS Adds Support for 9th Gen Core CPUs to Their Intel 300-Series Motherboards


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ASUS on Tuesday released new BIOS versions for Intel’s 300-series motherboards, adding support for Intel’s not-so-secret upcoming Core i3/i5/i7 9000-series processors. With the addition of ASUS, now all of the "Big 3" motherboard manufacturers have publicly added support for Intel’s future CPUs to their existing platforms.

At present, 64 motherboards from ASUS based on Intel’s Z370, H370, Q370, B360, and H310 chipsets support the forthcoming Intel’s 9[SUP]th[/SUP] Gen Core i processors. This is the longest list of mainboards that already support the future CPUs among all top makers of motherboards. All the aforementioned motherboards also work with Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs with up to six cores that use LGA1151 v2 packaging.

Intel’s 9[SUP]th[/SUP] Gen Core processors are projected to be announced in the coming weeks and hit the market shortly after that. Intel has not formally confirmed the chips, but it is expected that the new CPUs will use Intel’s Coffee Lake/Kaby Lake microarchitecture, will have up to eight cores, and will be produced using a 14 nm process technology.

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