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    Avid MC Avid Media Composer 2019.11 Win & Mac


    Feb 15, 2018
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    Program Name: Avid Media Composer 2019.11
    Program Type: Vdeo Editing
    Release Date: Nov 18, 2019
    Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Win & Mac

    Where is the documentation for Media Composer 2019 releases?

    Document Listing Media Composer 2019.x Fixes Only

    Media Composer v2019.11 ReadMe (updated November 21, 2019)
    Media Composer v2019.9 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2019.9 What's New
    Media Composer v2019.8 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2019.7 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2019.6 What's New
    Media Composer v2019.6 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2019.x User's Guide
    Media Composer v2019.x Effects Guide
    Editing Application Install Guide (Updated October 4,2019)

    Media Composer | Enterprise Administration Guide (Updated November 19, 2019)
    Media Composer | Distributed Processing Administration Guide (v2019.9) - Updated October 2, 2019
    Media Composer | Distributed Processing Administration Guide (v2019.6)
    Avid High-Resolution Workflows Guide Updated October 2019

    FlexNet Device Manager for Avid Administration Guide (Floating License Server)
    Avid Supported Video File Formats
    Avid Media Composer Best Practices Guide for VMware

    For information on Avid Link documentation - click here
    For information on Avid Artist | DNxIV documentation - click here
    For information on Avid Artist | DNxIQ documentation - click here
    For information on Avid Artist | DNxIO documentation - click here
    For information on Media Composer | Cloud documentation - click here

    Please Note: As of Media Composer 2019.6, Avid will no longer include the Nvidia GPU drivers in the installation package. These drivers must be downloaded separately and can be found here: Nvidia GPU drivers

    Dongle Info (Mac Only): If you have a dongle,the dongle Sentinel driver installer is no longer automatically installed when you install the editing application. The driver is now located in the Avid_Utilities folder. If you have a dongle, manually install the driver from this location (/Applications/Utilities/Avid_Utilities/Sentinel_Driver).

    Fixed in Media Composer v2019.11

    The following have been fixed:

    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11309. (Titler +) Triple-clicking text did not select all of the text.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11963. (Titler +) Word selection bounding box was displayed at the wrong end of the line.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3346. You might have received an “Exception: Audio Buffer for TMF Export” error when performing a Send to Playback.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3321. When importing an XML with markers, the markers appeared in the Timeline but the Markers window was blank.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3343. With a Japanese locale, characters appeared corrupted in the Project format tab of the Settings window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3327. When entering fade values in a Fade Effect, the opacity in the fade would go from 0 to 1 instead of 0 to 100.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12124. Typing in the Effects Palette search field would crash if a Symphony Color Correction relationship effect had been deleted or muted in the Timeline.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3192. The Timeline jumped to the blue bar if you clicked one of the segment mode buttons on Timeline Palette.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11970. Reloading frames when opening multiple bins in Frame view was very slow.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11982. If the Motion Effect Editor window was open, pressing the K (pause) key did not stop playback.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11827. The Timeline Video Quality menu reverted to a previous setting when a project was re-opened.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12099. When in Frame View, subclip thumbnails recached every time the bin was opened.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12055. Match Frame selected clips from the wrong track.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11989. The bin did not refresh after a save when Set Bin Display was set to Show Reference Clips.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11998. In some instances, performing Waveform Sync on a sequence resulted in an “AutoGainPane EXCEPTION not handled” error.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-10649. Performing Choose Column did not place the newly added column to the right of the selected column.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11048. Creating a new bin or renaming a bin temporarily blanked out Side Bar data.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11772. (Mac) In some instances, Media Composer crashed when turning off Dual-Monitor configuration and switching between workspaces.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11895. In some instances, deleting media files from a bin deleted columns and caused Media Composer to crash.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11906. Long clip and sequence names were cut off.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12000. Changing the default Transition Manipulation icon in Timeline toolbar did not persist between launches.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12002. Transition Manipulation was unexpectedly disabled when clicking in the ruler if the Timeline Settings were set to click the TC Track or Ruler Disables Smart Tools.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12017. The Color picker didn’t show the selected bin background color.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11565. The Composer and Timeline windows sometimes used an incorrect font.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11918. Show Bin in Sidebar failed if the bin was in a folder.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12034. Media Composer vaporized when running out of space during render.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12031. (Mac) (Titler +) Grouping was not working with Title +.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-12018. (Titler +) Field interpolation was lost when adjusting roll/crawl position.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11945. (Titler +) In some instances, spaces were inserted at the beginning when typing text for a title.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-10457. (Titler +) The contents of the title did not change correctly when adjusted using the Global|Foreground Level slider.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3198. (Mac). In some instances, dragging items from Interplay Access did not always place the selected items in the bin.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3121. You might have received a “PMM insufficient media” error when performing an Audio Punch-In.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2618. The HW/SW button might not have detected an attached hardware device.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3082. Group clips did not match-frame accurately if the group clip had a different frame rate than the project.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3205. In some instances, MXF DV25 420 files could not be imported.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3188. When a search was filtered, Media Composer would freeze when editing Timeline Clip Notes in the Timeline Clip Notes window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3203. Audio waveforms were offset on a muted audio clip, if the previous segment on the Timeline had a dissolve effect added that ended on a cut.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3057. Group clip names were not in order.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3271. You could not adjust 3D warp border and perspective parameters by 1 using arrow keys.

    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3232. Linking BWF files linked as non-drop frame even if drop frame was selected.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3240. Media Composer inadvertently allowed you to drag sequences without frame-rate conversion from Interplay into the Source monitor.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3185. Effects became unrendered after a sequence was consolidated twice. This fix applies to media consolidated with this release.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3141. Media Composer would intermittently hang, vaporise, and display a Breakpad message, when performing the following actions: adding In and Out points, trimming, double clicking on clip from Product Management window (to be loaded on Source Monitor), loading a sequence from the bin, clicking on the Lift button, entering Timeline Fast menu from right click.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3173. In some instances the Text View button, Frame View button, search field, thumbnail slider, and scrollbar would disappear from the Source Browser.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3182. Sometimes the system would hang when performing Loop Play and then switching workspaces.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3076. Color space metadata was not included in QuickTime when AMA linking.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3254. You might have received an Exception error after dragging and dropping the Stabilize effect to a segment on the Timeline.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3075. Some DPX exported images were distorted/corrupted.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3290. You might have received “FatalAbort VDM Scheduling failed” and “MultiFrameCombiner” errors when trimming.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3253. Newly created bins using shortcut keys Cmd+N (Mac) or Ctrl+N (Win) could not be renamed easily.


    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV12222. A title created in the Title Tool application cannot be promoted to Avid Titler+.
    ➤ Bug Number: DEFI-1537. (Media Composer | Distributed Processing) You will receive a “No video format descriptor” error when trying to transcode to the following:

    • AVC Long GOP 6 (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 12 (both encoding profiles) (in1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 25 (both encoding profiles) (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 50 (both encoding profiles) (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 35 (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • J2K HD (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • Apple ProRes Proxy
    • Apple ProRes LT
    • Apple ProRes
    • Apple ProRes HQ
    ➤ Bug Number: DEFI-1808. (Media Composer | Distributed Processing) Two clips or sequences will always be created when performing a consolidate or transcode with Media Composer | Distributed Processing.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11481. Promoting a title from the Title Tool application to Avid Titler+ cannot be performed if it includes a motion adapter.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-11796. Larger than 10 bit DPX files might fail to link correctly. Workaround: Go to File > Settings and click the User tab. In the Link Settings, click the Link Options tab and make sure Alpha Channel is set to Ignore.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11430. Media Tool ignores the “Current project” filtering option and lists media files that are not associated with the current project.
    ➤ Bug Number: . If you launch a project and receive an “Enable 3rd Party Emulation” warning, even if you select Enable in the warning dialog, you should also perform the following: Select File > Settings and click the Project tab. Click General Settings and select “Enable Bin Sharing on 3rd party storage emulating Avid NEXIS/ISIS.”
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-11197. In some instances, the Interleave option might not appear in the Export As dialog box. If you are performing an Export using the Avid Media Processor, the Interleave option should appear when you choose Stereo, 5:1, or 7.1 Audio. Workaround: If it does not appear, briefly toggle back to the Mono setting, then toggle to Stereo Mix once again. Doing so should reveal the Interleave option.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-8641. (AMD Graphics). Systems with AMD graphics cards might display tearing when performing Full Screen playback.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-9460. Windows 7 systems with Nvidia Maxwell or Nvidia Pascal cards might experience playback issues that could result in “Play Consumer timeout” errors. Workaround: Select “Disable GPU Effects” in the Render Settings dialog box.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-9269. (Media Composer | Cloud) After performing a remote download operation on a sequence containing AVC-I 100 remote media, the downloaded media appears as XAVC-I 100. Workaround: Download the entire master clips.
    ➤ Bug Number: (Mac). You may occasionally see the menu bar flash followed by a brief beach ball. To fix this, deactivate “Displays have separate spaces” under System Preferences > Mission Control settings.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-9011. Intermittently, when working with the XDCAM Nablet Plug-in, you might see “Failed to get the sample position from the AMA Plug-in” errors if you have waveforms enabled in the Timeline.
    ➤ Bug Number: COGS-2560. While working in the Script Window, text operations (cut/copy/paste/delete/editing) can only be done in edit mode. See “Editing a Script” in the Help.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-5650. When working with Panasonic LongG media, you might receive an “SFPlayConsumer Timeout” error if audio waveforms are enabled. Workaround: Turn off audio waveforms.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCDEV-5385. MultiCam editing with Panasonic LongG media is not supported with this release.

    Windows Media Composer 2019.11 Download:

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