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    Avid MC Avid Media Composer 2021.12.2 win & Mac


    Program Name: Avid Media Composer 2021.12.2
    Program Type: Vdeo Editing
    Release Date: April 14th, 2022
    Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Win & Mac

    Last Updated : April 15, 2022
    Products Affected :

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    Fixed in Media Composer v2021.12.2
    The following have been fixed:

    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4596. When in Bin Frame View, moving clips by lassoing them did not work properly.

    Fixed in Media Composer v2021.12.1
    The following have been fixed:

    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4330. Background transcoding of ProRes RAW files to another format failed to complete.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4558. Media Composer Enterprise was not able to launch when using Avid NEXIS client software.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4570. In some instances, when working in a standalone environment (local drives), you could not successfully perform a Send To Playback.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4563. When logging in to Production Management or MediaCentral | Cloud UX from the Media Composer project window, the password remained in the password text box after you logged out.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4465. In some cases Media Composer options would not be seen in Media Composer when Media Composer used Cloud Licensing.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4535. Using keyboard shortcut to open multiple bins resulted in floating panels instead of tabbed bins.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4527. Exporting BXF files caused a crash.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4442. JKL playback did not work properly when switching workspaces with Calculator tool open.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4577. Saving a new bin view made bin columns wider.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4485. Insert Export was not working properly.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4265. A sequence containing grouped XDCAM 50 clips with FrameFlex did not retain FrameFlex after performing a mixdown.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4490. Sorting by Date in the Find window did not sort correctly when Regional Format was set to English (United Kingdom).
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4361. You could not capture from the front XLR input of the Avid Artist DNxIO.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4378. (NDI) In some instances, the Media Composer monitor was either behind or ahead of the NDI stream.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4242. When working with some AudioSuite plug-ins, rendering stereo audio was slow in a Production Management/Avid NEXIS environment.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4360. In some instances, exporting to a P2 device resulted in pixelated and inverted images.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4399. If you performed an Export as Graphic and NDI was active, you might have received an “AMEResourceManager ReconfigHW_LegendBoB_Capture” error.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3854. During export some AAF Sound settings did not save.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4481. (Production Management) Clips with the Restrictions did not appear with the red triangle in the Media Composer bin.
    ➤ Bug Number: . MCCET-4497 (macOS) Performing a Select Media Relatives on a sequence crashed the application.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4509. In some instances, the image appeared garbled after loading a sequence in a Color Correction workspace.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4449. In some instances, when working with MultiCam sequences, Media Composer was sluggish.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4402. With Gang enabled, selecting all Timeline Clip Notes resulted in a hang.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4395. (SciptSync) If you added color to a range of script indicators, when you closed and then reopened the script, the indicators were filled even if they were not previously filled.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4499. (macOS) Using the Enter key to Adjust Pan / Volumes IN to OUT did not work.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4513. EWC media in a Production Management environment could cause sluggishness in the editor this has been resolved.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4498. Lassoing in Bin Frame View using Shift or Ctrl did not work properly.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4056. Applying a Matte key effect to a ProRes 4444 file did not preserve the fill layer.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4437. Selecting “Set Audio Suite Plugin In/Out” from the AudioSuite Plugin fast menu does not work on rendered effect after performing an Undo.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4519. In some circumstances you might have received an error when using Color Correction with dupe detection enabled.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4382. In some instances, Dynamic Relink settings unexpectedly reverted to Most Recent.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4562. In some instances, LTC signals did not parse correctly in Read Audio Timecode.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4332. Transcoding linked 50fps h264 clips to 50i resulted in the wrong duration.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4371. (macOS) When working with a vector based object, Shiftclicking a direction handle did not create an asymmetrical handle.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4479. When moving bins in a project, it can take too long for the bin to respond and in some instances the beachball appears when moving the bin.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4443. You might have received a “m_qDrag deleted with deleteLater” error after dragging a button from the Command Palette to another button under the Composer Window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4501. If a floating Timeline window is made smaller, scrolling with the mouse wheel does not work properly.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4450. Media Composer | Enterprise might have launched as Media Composer standard.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4436. If Dynamic Relink was enabled, an imported audio file might have appeared offline.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-4494. (Production Management) In some instances, after checking in sequences, the thumbnail in Access would display “No head frame.”

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