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    Avid tools Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems für MAC und Windows

    15 Февраль 2018
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    Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems für Windows

    There is a free media management tool for Avid Xpress / Media Composer that allows you to easily identify OMF or MXF files on your hard-drives. This software is only available for Windows users.


    The current release is (build 19 pre-beta 0.3). I've tested it with media recorded from Avid Xpress 5.7, and Media Composer 2.5 It seems to work perfectly fine.

    A media management tool is an absolutely necessity for anyone who uses Avid Xpress or Media Composer software.

    If you are looking for a commercial Media Management Tool, you can always check out 'Media Mover 3.0' which is available for OS X and Windows. A free working evaluation version is available.


    Media Mover has long been the stable Media Management software for Avid users, and has been recently upgraded,

    New features in MediaMover 3.0:
    -- Compatible with all Avid media formats - MXF, OMF, AIF, SDII, WAV
    -- Works with local storage, Avid Unity or any other SAN storage system
    -- Supports all Avid editing systems
    -- OS X and Windows versions available
    -- Dynamic storage space monitoring
    -- Generates detailed reports on each project's media
    -- Integrated backup function makes archiving projects easy

    Free Media Management Tool for AVID Systems für MAC

    MDV is a tiny app. It allows you to dig in and access all those hidden MXF/OMF file attributes AVID has implemented in its internal database management system. Once you have identified the projects and files associated with them - then you can move them into a folder for archival purposes.
    You can deal not only with files/names , but with Bins! Put some media into your bin and feed it to MDVx - and you'll get the complete file list with the referenced files. MXF and OMF media works out of the box. Currently developing AMA support...

    • a kind of media tool (or media manager) for AVID software.
    • easy to use, lightweight and ultra fast
    • no need to install on target system - just run the file.
    • shows project sizes
    • allows you to easily copy,move or delete your media files
    • works with any AVID system
    • tested with UNITY/LANSHARE/ISIS, any network drives
    • (MAC only)supports integration with third party apps like VLC and Mediainfo
    • (MAC only)supports advanced scripting with applescript


    New version - for MAC OS X
    MDVx - the most current version for MAC OS X 10.7+ - re-download the file to get the last version.
    MDVx manual - manual for MDVx.

    • If anyone can provide more adequate manual or user's guide please e-mail it to me. I'll put it here. I'm not very skilled in english.
    Old versions - for Windows.

    MDV_AVID_20jul08.zip - v0.4 build 20 jul 2008 UNICODE without preview,store and bin scanner
    MDV_AVID_23jun07.zip - v0.3 build 23 jun 2007 UNICODE without preview


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