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    Outsourcing vs. Personal data protection laws: Key points


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    Date 24 July (Wednesday)
    Time- 13:00
    Place - Online
    Price - free

    We here in Legal IT Group are hosting a free webinar about the outsourcing and personal data protection.
    Andrii Kornia and Kateryna Dubas gladly invite you to spend an hour with us — chatting on YouTube, joking, talking about the GDPR and trying to find the right way in between the laws.
    There are a few thoughts we would like to share with those who are either just beginning to explore or is a little bit lost in the sea of the personal data protection rules: developers, founders of IT companies, and everyone interested in the Ukrainian market of IT outsourcing.
    Let’s meet on 24 of July at 13:00 (GMT + 2)
    More about webinar
    The webinar is free of charge and available without irritating registrations.
    Here is the agenda:
    1) Outsourcing: data gains and legal pains
    The GDPR: compliance or lenience?
    Allocation of liability under the GDPR between the customer and the contractor
    Document Log: policies and contracts as your compliance tools
    2) Cross-border data processing
    Lawful and safe transfer of personal data: the EU and third countries
    Switzerland and the USA: key points of cross-bording data processing
    A few words about the personal data flows within the EU
    3) Conclusion:
    Liability: case studies
    A key points to write down
    Our speakers:
    Kateryna Dubas

    IT lawyer at Legal IT Group.
    She has a great experience in drawing up IT contracts and consultations as to IP rights and personal data protection.
    Andrii Kornia
    IT lawyer at Legal IT Group.
    He may advise you on drafting Terms of Use, protecting your clients’ personal data, and marketing compliance.
    See you 24 of July at 13:00!
    Stay tuned to follow the updates ;)

    Детальнее: https://dou.ua/calendar/27789/
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