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    Avid MC Media Composer 2018.12.8 Download Win & Mac


    Feb 15, 2018
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    Program Name: Avid Media Composer 2018.12.8
    Program Type: Vdeo Editing
    Release Date: Oct 17, 2019
    Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Win & Mac


    Where are the Media Composer documents for the 2018 releases?
    Document Listing Media Composer 2018.x Fixes Only

    Media Composer v2018.12.8 ReadMe (updated October 24, 2019)
    Media Composer v2018.12.7 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.6 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.5 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.4 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.3 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.2 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12.1 ReadMe

    Media Composer v2018.12 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.12 What's New

    Media Composer v2018.11 ReadMe

    Media Composer v2018.10 ReadMe
    Media Composer v 2018.10 What's New

    Media Composer v2018.9 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.9 What's New

    Media Composer v2018.8 ReadMe
    Media Composer v2018.8 What's New

    Media Composer v2018.x Editing Guide
    Media Composer v2018.x Effects and Color Correction Guide
    Editing Application Install Guide
    FlexNet Device Manager for Avid Administration Guide (Floating License Server)
    Avid Supported Video File Formats
    Avid Media Composer Best Practices Guide for VMware

    Changed in Media Composer v2018.12.8

    The following have changed in Media Composer v2018.12.8.

    Additional Support for XAVC HD Intra (CBG) Class Resolutions

    Additional XAVC HD Intra CBG resolutions are supported with this release. The following table lists the XAVC HD Intra CBG Class resolutions

    Support for Media Composer | Distributed Processing

    Media Composer Distributed Processing allows Media Composer users to offload foreground tasks such as rendering, consolidating, or transcoding to one or more service workstations on the network. As these system intensive processes are handled outside of Media Composer, users have more time to focus on the creative editing process. The distributed operations are monitored by services that report to the MediaCentral Platform. Users can access the Job Status app through Avid Media Composer and / or Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX to monitor the status of their jobs, cancel jobs, or perform other actions related to the remote processing tasks. For details on setting up a Distributed Processing environment, see the Avid Media Composer | Distributed Processing Administration Guide. Once the environment is setup, see Chapter 3 of the Avid Media Composer | Distributed Processing Administration Guide for details on the Distributed Processing workflow. RDD9 and ARD/ZDF Compliance If you require support for RDD9 SMPTE compliance or ARD/ZDF compliance when exporting XDCAM HD, select the applicable option from the Export dialog.

    Template options in 1080i 50 projects for XDCAM HD 50 .


    Fixed in Media Composer v2018.12.8
    The following have been fixed:
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2812. (Avid Artist DNxIQ) Payload ID information was not included in output. You must have BlackMagic Desktop v11.4 in order to see this fix.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3231. With Avid Artist DNxIV or AJA Kona hardware attached desktop playback lagged by two frames.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3117. Timeline Quick Find to the left and right was not working if the sequence contained an audio track effect.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3188. When a search was filtered, Media Composer would freeze when editing Timeline Clip Notes in the Timeline Clip Notes window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3169. (Mac) Bin positions did not saving properly when on a second monitor.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3271. You could not adjust 3D warp border and perspective parameters by 1 using arrow keys.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3121. You might have received a “PMM insufficient media” error when performing an Audio Punch-In.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3203. Audio waveforms were offset on a muted audio clip, if the previous segment on the Timeline had a dissolve effect added that ended on a cut.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3240. Media Composer inadvertently allowed you to drag sequences without frame-rate conversion from Interplay into the Source monitor.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3232. Linking BWF files linked as non-drop frame even if drop frame was selected.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3198. (Mac). In some instances, dragging items from Interplay Access did not always place the selected items in the bin.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3090. In some instances you might have received a “format is not supported” error or a “has to be linked and transcoded” error when trying to import DV MXF media captured by Airspeed and OASYS Maker.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2819. Saving an Export Setting that included the Avid Media Processor option did not always retain the correct settings.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3215. In some instances, if the Tool Palette was opened across two monitors, the editing application would crash.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2676. Audio Meters in the Audio Mixer tool responded later than the audio meters in the Timeline.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3189. When performing a Digital Cut with the Digital Cut Safe Mode enabled, effects were rendered, but the render progress windows stayed on the screen when the playback starts. This blocked access to any controls in the Digital Cut window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3021. You might have received an “Exception: CC Relationship Failed” error and the editor crashed when removing Color Correction.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3046. Timeline video quality playback settings altered AVC Long-G color difference when transcoding full vs 10bit.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3155. You might have received an “assertion failed” error when opening a sequence with Dynamic Relink enabled.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2926. Zoom into Region was not visible on all tracks.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3114. Logging into Media Central from Media Composer using % or & in the user name or password resulted in a “Requested time out” error.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3158. Locked tracks became deselected when you changed export settings.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3122. If you exported an AAF for a second time, changing the name resulted in a crash.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3136. (Mac) Arrow keys and Command+W did not always respond when in the Marker window.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3058. After performing an Insert Edit, returning to the Insert Edit Export option, the selected check boxes were not saved.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3190. (Mac) In some instances, bin saving did not complete.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3168. The editing application would crash when opening a bin from Media Composer v8.4.5.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2950. You might have received an “Exception” error when performing an insert edit export to DNXHR 444.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3156. (Mac) Video Satellite offset and delay fields changed from -1 to 4294967295 when re-opened.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3008. In some instances, vertical centering during image import were sometimes offset by one pixel.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3142. Using Transition Corner Display with ripple trim didn’t update the lower 3 frames correctly.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3140. In some instances, the image might have appeared skewed when applying a tracking effect.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3144. OMFI did not rescan or relink properly.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2961. In some instances, applying a Safe Color Limiter effect did not appear as expected.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3175. If Windows scaling was set to 150%, 3D Warp effects displayed as a negative image.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3138. If you were connected to a Nitris DX, exiting Media Composer did not clear the client monitor.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3081. In some instances, letters in captions were dropped from the middle of words during playback. You must have BlackMagic Desktop v11.4 in order to see this fix.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2710. (Avid Artist DNxIQ) You might have experienced audio offset when recording with the Audio Punch-In tool. You must have BlackMagic Desktop v11.4 in order to see this fix.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3194. In some instances, K did not stop playback when working with JKL playback.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3178. The YCbCR 2020 HLG Color Space did not carry over into the project.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2972. In some instances, bins did not save after placing resize effects on clips.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2618. The HW/SW button might not have detected an attached hardware device.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3082. Group clips did not match-frame accurately if the group clip had a different frame rate than the project.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2854. Dragging and dropping a clip from AirSpeed Remote Console to a bin resulted in Media Composer closing.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-3057. Group clip names were not in order.
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2884. You might have received an “Exception” error when exporting XDCAM MXF with 16 audio channels. This has been fixed with RDD9 and ARD/ZDF Compliance.

    Known Limitations
    ➤ Bug Number: MCCET-2885. Imported TIFF with alpha files have softer edges compared to .mov with alpha files.
    ➤ Bug Number: DEFI-1537. (Media Composer | Distributed Processing) You will receive a “No video format descriptor” error when trying to transcode to the following:
    • AVC Long GOP 6 (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 12 (both encoding profiles) (in1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 25 (both encoding profiles) (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 50 (both encoding profiles) (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • AVC Long GOP 35 (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects)
    • J2K HD (in 1080i59, 1080i50 projects) • Apple ProRes Proxy
    • Apple ProRes LT
    • Apple ProRes
    • Apple ProRes HQ

    Windows Media Composer 2018.12.8 Download:

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    Mac Media Composer 2018.12.8 Download:

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