Avid MC Media Composer 2018.2 Download Win & Mac


Program Name: Avid Media Composer 2018.2
Program Type: Vdeo Editing
Release Date: Feb 15, 2018
Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: Win & Mac

Where are the Media Composer documents for the 2018 releases?

Avid Media Composer v2018.2 What's New
Avid Media Composer v2018.2 ReadMe
Avid Media Composer v2018.2 Editing Guide

New in Media Composer v2018.2
The following are new with this release:

Quick Access to Grid Settings
You can easily access the Grid Settings in the Effect Editor. If you are working on a Grid effect in the Effect Editor, simply right clicking the Grid Button to open the Grid Settings.


Color Correction Improvement
➤ Currently, there is a known issue with this feature where you might see a drawing glitch when resizing the Composer Window.

With this release, all vectorscopes, and the “Current” and “Entire Sequence” monitors will update immediately while adjusting parameters, playing and scrubbing.

These improvements appear only when:

Dual split is not enabled in any monitor

Closed captions display is turned off

All the monitors contain only a vectorscope, “Current”, “Entire Sequence” or “Empty”

These improvements do not appear if:

Dual split is enabled on any monitor

Closed captions are turned on

Any monitor contains, Next, Second Next, Previous, Second Previous, or Reference

AVX2 Plug-in Names on Splash Screen
With this release, when you launch Media Composer, you will see the names of AVX2 plug-ins on the Splash Screen during initialization. This will help trouble-shoot if you are having problems due to a specific plug-in.

Setting Font and Font Size in the Find Window
With this release, you can change the font and adjust the font size for the Find Window.

To change the font and font size of the Find Window:

1. Press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Macintosh), or select Edit > Find to open the Find Window.

2. Select Windows > Set Font.

3. Select the Font and Font size you want to appear in the Find window.


4. Click OK.

The Find Window displays the applicable font and font size.

Artist Color Control Surface Improvement
With this release, you will see improved responsiveness of the Artist Color Control Surface.

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