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    Avid MC Media Composer 8.7.2 Download Win & Mac


    Program Name: Avid Media Composer 8.7.2
    Program Type: Vdeo Editing
    Release Date: Jan 16, 2017
    Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Win & Mac

    Changed in v8.7.2

    The following have been included with this release.

    Mac OS Support

    This release includes support for Mac OS v10.12.2.

    Editing Audio Effects

    In previous releases, if you selected an Audio Effect in the Timeline and then opened the Effect Editor, the Effect Editor window did not automatically display the audio effect and Audio Tool required to edit that effect.

    With this release, the editing application has made it easier for you to quickly access the applicable Audio Tool when you enter Effect Mode. For example, if you select an Audio EQ effect in the Timeline and then enter Effect Mode, the Audio EQ window will open. If you select an AudioSuite effect in the Timeline and enter Effect Mode, the AudioSuite Window and applicable AudioSuite editor opens.

    Extending an Edit

    This release includes a change on how extending a trim works. In previous releases, to extend multiple tracks, all the tracks had to have the same edit point in the Timeline. Otherwise, you had to extend the tracks separately.
    With this release, when extending multiple tracks, all tracks no longer have to have the same edit point. The edit point closest to the mark in the direction determined by the mark will be extended.

    Safe Area/Title

    An additional option has been added to the Safe Area/Title Grid Settings. You can now choose the DPP UK Safe area standard.

    Field Swap

    The Field Swap Image effect has been added to the Image effect options. The effect inverts the fields of any interlaced media.


    Avid Generic Plug-in

    Avid is currently working to remove dependencies on QuickTime libraries which are no longer supported by Apple. In our first step to replace QuickTime, we are including the Avid Generic plugin that natively supports the following formats for linking and playing:

    • MJPEG/Video Only - .mov container
    • MJPEG/PCM Audio - .mov container
    • JPEG - .jpg files
    • PCM Audio only files - .mov container

    Note: By default, QuickTime will continue to be used for these formats. In order to use this plug-in right-click in the Source Browser Plug-in column and select Link with Avid Generic.

    For more information on QuickTime support, see http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/how_to/ QuickTime-Support-and-Security-on-Windows.

    Fixed in v8.7.1

    The following have been fixed:
    • Bug Number: MCCET-1555. You might have received a “PMM_INSUFFICIENT_MEDIA” error when extending a trim. Along with this fix, there is a change in the procedure for performing an Extend trim. See “Extending an Edit” on page 1.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1362. You might have received an “Exception caught in APlayer” error when exporting a sequence containing linked XAVC and 9 tracks of audio.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1652. You might have received an “assertion failed” error when cutting and pasting onto an Audio dissolve.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1624. After selecting Commit Multicam Edits on a sequence, the sequence still contained references to Group clips

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1515. Intermittently, sequences containing Pan&Zoom effects become corrupt.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1628. The total duration of items selected in a bin did not provide an accurate duration in the Bin Info window if the items exceeded 24 hours.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1475. (Mac) - In some instances, when naming a folder in the Project window, if the name contained a period (.) the name would not appear correctly.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1496. (Mac) The editing application might have hung when dragging and dropping from the Finder to a bin.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1564. Handles tags were missing from XML output in the List Tool

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1565. Timecode values in the List tool had a preceding space. This made it difficult for some third party applications to parse the XML files. The empty space before the Timecode value has been removed.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1566. The Color tag was empty for Markers/Locators in the List Tool.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1569. Line endings appeared as LF in XML output in the List Tool instead of CR. The line endings now appear as CR in the output.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1606. In some instances, playing back XDCAM HD 50 media that was created in an earlier version of the editing application, was distorted.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1618. If the Source/Record monitors were hidden, trimming in Full Screen Playback did not update in real time.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1276. You might have heard popping sounds on audio dissolves.

    Windows Media Composer 8.7.2 Download:

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    Mac Media Composer 8.7.2 Download:

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