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    Avid MC Media Composer 8.9.2 Download Win & Mac

    15 Февраль 2018
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    Program Name: Avid Media Composer 8.9.2
    Program Type: Vdeo Editing
    Release Date: Sep 26, 2017
    Homepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/
    Interface Language: Multilingual
    Platform: Win & Mac

    Current Release:
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    Avid Media Composer Virtualization Best Practices Guide

    Changed in Media Composer v8.9.2
    The following are new to Avid Media Composer v8.9.2:

    Nvidia Support
    Nvidia Driver v385.08. is supported with this release.

    • If you are using a Quadro series card (5000, 5000M, 4000, 4000M, 2000, or 2000M) the v385.08 driver is not supported. On a Windows 10 system, use v353.82. On a Windows 7 system, use v377.11.

    • If you are using a RED workflow, the v385.08 driver is not supported on a z820 Workstation running Windows 10. Use the v353.82 Nvidia driver.

    • If you are working with Sony Raw media, the v385.08 driver is not supported on a z820 Workstation running Windows 10. Use the v375.86 Nvidia driver.

    Adjusting Audio Waveform Cache
    The editing application saves cached waveforms for projects. This allows the waveform to draw faster the next time you open the project. With this release, you can adjust the memory used for audio waveform cache.

    To set the audio waveform cache memory:

    1. In the Settings list in the Project window, select Media Cache.

    The Media Cache dialog box opens.
    1. Click the Audio tab.

    2. Use the slider to increase the memory limit allocated for waveform cache.

    3. Click Apply.

    4. Click OK.

    You can clear the cache from the waveform cache folder by clicking the Flush button.

    4. (Optional) Click Restore to set the limit to the previously set value. Click Default to reset the cache to the default setting.

    Known Limitation

    Marquee Settings Name Change
    The Marquee Title Tool settings name in the Project Window has been changed to Title tool setting.

    Known Limitation
    The following is a known limitation:

    Bug Number: MCDEV-8229. At the start of play you may experience dropped frames with high frame rate UHD XAVC-S media.

    Workaround: Transcode to DNxHR for best performance.

    Fixed in Media Composer v8.9.2
    The following have been fixed in Media Composer v8.9.2:

    Bug Number: MCCET-2029. You might have seen flashing on Mac Book Pro Retina systems when applying an Animatte, Blur or Spot Color effect.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1688. If a portion of a sequence was exported as an AAF from Media Composer with Use Marks and Use Selected Tracks enabled, the start timecode was incorrect in the Import Session Data window in Pro Tools.

    ➤Bug Number: MCCET-2002. In some instances, you could not export a custom QuickTime movie to a subfolder of a mapped network drive.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2063. In some instances, when you exported a master clip or sequence to AAF or tried to check in a master clip or sequence to Interplay, you received an “Error exporting metadata ConvertToAAF not implemented for this component type” error.

    Bug Number: . When your locale was set to German, Spanish, or Italian, a number of Media Composer dialog boxes displayed cut off text. Avid continues to make improvements when displaying these languages so the text is displayed properly.

    Bug Number: MCCET-544. Transcoded still images to a DMF folder might have a duration of 0.00.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2011. In some instances, a Change list for a film project might have displayed wrong information.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2006. The Mac OS version listed in the Hardware tool might have been incorrect.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2055. In some instances, when you saved an Export template, the Video Data export folder location was not retained after you restarted the application.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2026. The green dot indicating there was an unrendered Symphony Color Correction effect was missing.

    Bug Number: MCCET-2027. In some instances, transcoding long H.264 media using the Avid Generic plugin resulted in an exception error.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1978. Adaptive deinterlacing is an additional processing option for Timewarp and Motion Adapter effects. You might have received an “exception” error when enabling the Adaptive Deinterlace Source option in the Motion Effect Editor.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1977. (Avid Artist DNxIO and Avid Artist DNxIQ) You could not control a deck reliably when connected to an Evertz router.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1951. PhraseFind was not finding results for subclips and group clips that referenced removed master clips.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1958. After promoting a motion effect, you might have received an Exception error when you desynchronized footage and then clicked Undo.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1981. After a batch re-import, a consolidated subclip and new master clip playback from the original master clip rather than the Mark-in point of the subclip.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1993. If you were connected to a Sony PDW-U1 XDCAM device, the Source Browser was very slow to display thumbnails.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1913. You might have received “Core_Consistency” errors in the Source Monitor if you change the Timeline video quality to either Full Quality 8 or 10 bit for DNxHR HQX clips.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1938. Color Levels in the Import Settings dialog changed after editing a
    title in the Title tool.

    Bug Number: MCDEV-8182. The green dot on the clip was missing after you applied a relationship mode color correction.

    Bug Number: MCDEV-8165. When you set Button Display at Bottom to One row in the Composer Settings, two rows would appear; one with buttons and one blank row.

    Bug Number: MCDEV-8047. (HiRes monitors) In some instances, when drawing shapes with the Blur or Animatte effect, the image would appear reversed (negative).

    Bug Number: MCDEV-7184. When searching a Current Script with Whole Word Only selected, search results found and highlighted partial words.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1967. The Data track appeared as Unknown in Access if you modified the Tape name in the Modify > Clip > Set Source window before performing a check in to Interplay.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1999. You received a “Path not found” error when trying to access a shortcut network location in the Source Browser.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1962. The Source Browser could not detect and update the current size of a growing file.

    Bug Number: MCCET-1984. In some instances, a Send to Playback process would stop and a Breakpad window would appear.

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