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    Plugins AMA (Avid Media Access)


    AMA (Avid Media Access) is a revolutionary plug-in architecture that greatly accelerates your tapeless video workflows. With AMA, you can simply connect a support card/disc or device and begin viewing and cutting footage right away – no need to transcode media or use other software to view the extra clips.

    Arri ALEXA Plug-in
    Get direct access and full native support of DNxHD files recorded on the Arri ALEXA and ALEXA Plus cameras, no transcoding involved. Download now!

    MXF OP1a Plug-in
    Get fast, direct access to OP1a MXF files, installed with Media Composer. Download now!

    AVCHD Plug-in
    Instantly access to and edit material with full native support of the Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) format, for the fastest turnaround, quick screening of materials and choose selects before transcoding. Download now!

    Canon Plug-in
    Access full native support for Canon’s new XF codec, instantly start working on footage while natively retaining the format’s resolution. Download now!

    Drastic MediaReactor Plug-in
    No need for a separate translation step, work with incoming footage directly in their preferred creative software. Download now!

    Glue Tools Plug-in
    Phantom Cine AMA for Avid allows you to work with Phantom Cine RAW files natively in Media Composer. Download now!
    Hamburg Pro Media MPEG2 & GFX Plug-ins
    Get direct access of MPEG2 and GFX files from Media Composer, as well as import files directly into the AVID bin. Download now!

    Sony XDCAM/HDCAM Plug-ins
    Get full native support of Sony XDCAM/HDCAM media, and metadata. No transcoding required, so you can start to edit right away. Download now!

    Panasonic P2 Plug-in
    Access full native support of P2, DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra media and metadata, experience fast and flexible workflows with a P2 plug-in. Download now!

    QuickTime Plug-in
    Get direct access without transcoding or re-wrapping to QuickTime movie files, including ProRes and many other codecs.

    RED Plug-ins
    Instantly access footage right from the RED-FLASH card or RED-DRIVE, enabling you to get right to work, with access to the full metadata and color management data. Download now!
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