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    Avid MC Avid Media Composer 8.6.4 Download Win & Mac


    Changed in Media Composer v8.6.4

    The following has changed in Media Composer v8.6.4:

    Media Composer | Cloud

    (MCDEV-6145) The editing application now launches properly on a Media Composer | Cloud system. Media Composer v8.6.4 is supported with Media Composer Cloud v3.6.2 and higher.

    Send To Playback Audio Output Mono Option

    A new option has been added to the Transfer Settings. The Mono Output option has been added to the Send To Playback Audio Output choices. Select this option to mix all the audio tracks to mono for output.

    Promote Titles

    If you are working in a greater than HD project and using the New Blue Titler, the Promote Titles menu option has moved. You can now access the Promote Titles menu from the Timeline context menu. Simply right click in the Timeline and select Promote Titles. Promote Titles allows you to promote a title created in the classic Avid Title Tool or the Marquee Title Tool to a New Blue title. See your New Blue Titler documentation for details on using the New Blue Titler.

    See your New Blue Titler documentation for details on using the New Blue Titler.

    Bin Sift Menu

    In addition to accessing the Bin Sift options from the Bin menu, you can access the Sift options from the bin context menu or the bin Fast menu. For details on using the Sift options, see “Sifting Clips and Sequences” in the Help.

    Bin Quick Filter Search Change

    A Bin Setting addition allows you to set how you would like to search using the Bin quick filter text box. You can choose to have the search filter using only the Name column, or you can choose to search using all columns. If individual columns are selected, the search is performed on the information in the selected columns. By default, if no columns are selected, the search is performed on the Name column. To change the default, access Bin Settings in the Project Window and make your selection.

    Note: In previous releases, the default was to search on all columns which might have been time consuming for users with very large bins.

    Additional User Interface Language Support

    This release includes support for Italian and Spanish. If you change your system locale to one of these languages, once you restart your system, the User Interface for the Media Composer will appear in that language.

    If you want to work with a different system locale, but would like the Media Composer system to display in English, simply go to the International folder, find your language xml file, for example MCStrings_es_ES.xml, and change it to MCStrings_es_ES.xmlold. Then restart your editing application. The User Interface will default to English even if your system locale is in Spanish. The International folder is located here:

    • (Windows) C:\Program Files\Avid\Avid Media Composer\SupportingFiles\International
    • (Mac) Applications:Avid Media Composer:SupportingFiles:International

    Hybrid Log Gamma Preset

    The editing application includes a waveform scope preset for Hybrid Log Gamma project types. The waveform scope preset appears when working in a Hybrid Log Gamma (ARIB STD-B67) color space. It shows relative luminance values ranging from 0 to 12 (a signal at value 12 will be twelve times brighter than one at value 1) on an HDR monitor.

    Fixed in v8.6.4

    The following have been fixed:

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1384. If you were playing back in MultiCam mode, and the sequence contained a group clip on track 1 and video on track 2, the Source monitor might have displayed the video on track 2 instead of the group clip on track 1.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1261. If you switched the workspace with the Effect Editor in analysis mode with a FrameFlex effect, the Source monitor will still be in analysis mode until the effect editor is closed.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1000. Interlaced .mov files changed to progressive when transcoded with source dimensions.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1494. The Timecode Burn-In effect did not work as expected.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1419, BMD-177. You could not use Avid Artist DNxIO as the default sound device.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1072 You might have received an Exception error when consolidating and transcoding XAVC Intra 100 clips. Go to Avid.com/amaand make sure you have the latest XDCAM plug-in.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1334 The editing application crashed when opening AudioSuite effects if the user Library was set to a UNC path.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1345 In some instances, you could not link to .mts files.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1441 You might have received a “Movie Export from procedure Failed” error when performing an export to QuickTime h.264 with a sequence containing XDCAM 50 media. You might have received an “assertion failed” error when trying to render effects with the same media.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1392. Media Composer would hang when playing through media quickly using JKL.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1349. Media Composer would freeze when displaying roll-up captions with EIA-608 and 708 captioning.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1371. The audio tracks were reversed if you performed an Autosequence on Tape captured clips.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1303. You might have received a “Segmentation Fault in thread MainThread” error after stacking Pan & Zoom effects on multiple video tracks.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1391. In some instances, transcoding RGB 4:4:4 10-bit media resulted in “Assertion Failed” errors.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-627. When working in a Chinese locale, some effects did not appear correctly in the Effects Palette.

    • Bug Number: MCCET-1012. The duration of a manually created sequence did not match the same sequence created using AutoSequence.

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-6119. (Mac) In some instances, exporting XDCAM media as QuickTime Reference resulted in “Exception” errors.

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-6037. (Mac) Even if you selected the “Don’t remind me next time” option, you continued to receive the “AMA Plug-ins are not compatible with this editor version” dialog.

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-6031. Occasionally, windows in the application turned black until they were resized and in some instances bins showed images from the Tool Palette.

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-5918. You could not rearrange Source Browser columns.

    • Bug Number: MCDEV-2817. Using JKL in Trim mode with a Swedish keyboard resulted in double speed trims.
    Known Limitations

    • Bug Number: JP-3687. In Media Composer v8.6.2 and later, or any version of Media Composer with MediaCentral UX v2.8, you cannot add a media asset to a MediaCentral UX message. If you attempt to drag an asset from a bin and drop it in the messages pane, a red “do not enter” icon is displayed.

    • Bug Number: JP-3688. In Media Composer (any version) with MediaCentral UX v2.8, you cannot double-click an asset in a message and load it into the Source window.
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